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The piper can be located within the Church or just outside if preferred.


  • The piper can play outside the Church as mourners arrive

  • The piper plays as the family enter the Church

  • The piper plays as the casket is bought into the Church

  • During the service, the piper can play a tune with special significance

  • The piper plays as the casket is carried out of the Church; and,

  • The piper plays in front of the Hearse for a short distance as it pulls away from the Church.


If the location permits, it is often quite effective for the piper to be out of sight when beginning to play and then to move slowly towards the graveside.


  • The piper plays as the funeral procession arrives at the cemetery

  • The piper plays during the burial service

  • The piper plays at the conclusion of the service; and,

  • The piper plays as family and friends are leaving.

Throughout the ages, the Scottish bagpiper  has played laments at Funerals and Memorial Services.  The emotive music awakens touching and poignant memories of loved ones in a manner that is both respectful and dignified.


We would be honoured to assist you in playing tribute.

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